# Jobs

# Overview

Jobs are team and site specific TODOs that work similar to the popular project managemet tool - PivitolTracker

We do not currently offer a PivitolTrakcer integration. However, if you are interested in this feature please send us a note in the 'Feature' request section of your dashboard.

# How To's

# Create a job

To create a job, simply click the 'New Job' tab in your main dashboard. Then fill out the required information, and click 'Add'.

*TIP: To associate a job with a site, be sure to include the site URL when creating the job. This will ensure the job is rendered in the site's Control Center.

If your team has Slack alerts on for job updates, then you will recieve message that looks like this:

# Work on a job

All jobs have one of four statuses:

  1. Not Started
  2. Started
  3. Finished
  4. Archived

Once the job is created, any team member may change it's status by simply clicking the job's 'Status' button.

As you work on the job, you can update its's status and content by selecting the drop-down toggle in the top right hand corner.

# Collaborate

Because Siterack is designed arround teams, each job includes a collaboration logging tool that can be used for asking questions, messaging the team, or posting an update on the job

All logs are directly tied to the jobs are created with. Therefore, when a job is deleted from the team account, all logs with that job are also deleted.