# Teams

# Overview

Teams are like channels in Slack. For enterprise accounts, you can have as many teams as you want.

Teams are where the work happens. So, in order to list a site or create a job, you must either create a team or join an existing team.

# How To's

# Create a team

In order to create a team, you must first be authenticated with an eixiting organization. If you are not the organization admin, then you likely received a temporary invite link.

Once authenticated, you can navigate to the 'Teams' tab on the side-bar, then click 'New Team'.

Give your team a name - preferably, something unique 🦄 Then click 'Add'.

Now you will notice that you are logged into your team and have a shareable link to add new members.

All done! You can now list sites, create jobs, and all the other cool stuff 🎉

# Join a team

For security pusposes, users are not permited to 'request access' to a team. Therefore, in order to join a team, the team leader must send you the temporary invite link. However, once you have been authenticated - you're good to go!

# Add Slack

Once you've created a new team you will have the option to connect your team with a Slack account.

To begin the connection, simply click the 'Add to Slack' button on your team page.

You will then be directed to Slack and asked which Workspace and channel you want to add Siterack to.

After the pairing has finished, Slack will redirect you back to SiteRack at which point you should login to the Slack Channel you integrated SiteRack with and 'add' the SiteRack app to the channel.

*NOTE: This step seems redundant but is necessary in order for SiteRack to post in your channel.

All done, you will now recieve Slack alerts about your team and the associated sites!